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 CHICAGO, IL (MW Communications - In early summer of 2007 during the darkest days of the OCA Crisis, Archbishop Job undertook a personal project - the musical arrangement of the Paraklisis (supplicatory canon to the Most-holy Theotokos) in four-part harmony, employing the Carpatho-Rusyn Sacred Chant (Cerkovnoje Prostopinije). In the hymnographical Spirit  of "Come, all who love the feasts, let us form a choir...' several singers were recruited informally from among the various parishes and practice sessions were scheduled. On three evenings during the Dormition Fast, the Paraklisis was celebrated at Christ the Savior Church a the Diocesan Chancery in Chicago by Father John Baker and Deacon Joseph Matusiak, with the singers - who would eventually be known at the St. Alexis Male Choir of Greater Chicago rendering the beautiful hymns and responses. The "sound" of the choir was enhanced by the gradual addition of new members. During the Nativity Fast of the same year the Paraklisis was served at Holy Trinity Cathedral by Father John Adamcio, a "charter member" of the group. Enthusiasm on the part of the singers inspired the mastering of the Great Canon of Repentance of St. Andrew of Crete, also in the venerable chant, which has been sung at both Holy Trinity Cathedral and Christ the Savior Church for the last two years.
Encouraged by comments and suggestions of the faithful present at those Divine Services, it was decided to produce a recording of the Paraklisis by the St Alexis Choir, as well as a book containing the complete service with music for choir and congregational use. Proceeds from the sale of the CD's and books will go to the Midwest Diocesan Department of Missions and Parish Development especially to further missionary outreach.
On Sunday, July 19, 2009, a recording session was held at Christ the Savior Church. Mr Michael Tagge, a member of the choir, supervised the recording, and is now doing the mixing and editing. Additional information regarding the date of issue and other particulars will be forth coming. It is anticipated that another recording project will begin in the fall.
Any men interested in joining the St Alexis Male Choir are encouraged to contact Protodeacon Joseph Matusiak at the Diocesan Chancery, by email at or by phone on 312.202.0420.
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